Python programming language:

It has three levels of languages 1. High-level, 2. General purpose, 3. Interpreted

1) High-level:

It is simple to learn Python since it is a high-level programming language. To write scripts effectively with Python, you don't need to be an expert on how tasks are performed.

2) General purpose:

"A general-purpose language is Python. It implies that Python may be used in a range of fields, such as:

1. The web-based programmer uses big data Testing automation AI, machine learning, and data science Desktop.
2. application mobile applications SQL, the targeted language may be used to
query data from relational databases.

3) Interpreted:

An interpreted language is Python. You enter Python code into a file called source code to create a Python application.

You must translate the source code into the computer's understandable machine language in order to run it. And when the Python programmer runs, the Python interpreter converts the source code—line by line, one at a time—into machine code.

Before a programmer runs, a compiler compiles all of the source code used in compiled languages like Java and C#.

What are the benefits of Python?

1. presence of modules from other parties
2. voluminous support libraries (NumPy for numerical calculations, Pandas for data analytics, etc.)
3. Open source and a sizable, vibrant community
4. Versatile, simple to learn, read, and write
5. comprehensible data structures
6. advanced language
7. Language typed dynamically (No need to mention data type based on the value assigned, it takes data type)
8. The programming language that is procedural and object-oriented
9. Interactive and transportable
10. Ideal for prototypes since it requires less code and offers greater functionality
11. Highly Efficient (Python is more efficient because of its clear object-oriented architecture, which enhances process control, and because the language has good text processing and integration features as well as a built-in unit testing framework.)
12. Opportunities for the Internet of Things
13. Portable Interpreted Language for All Operating Systems

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