V-GUARDge piping and cold water inlet piping from overhead tank to storage water heater will be charged you a lifetime of depeWe are the Authorized Distributors for V-GUARD Solar water heaters in Hyderabad   andhra pradesh. We deal with all V-GUARD brand Solar water heaters in Hyderabad.and superior after-sales services, so that you can enhance your V-Guard Solar Water Heaters! a truly International quality product manufactured using highly efficient Evacuated Tube Collector system enabling optimal utilization of solar energy.Buy V-Guard solar water heaters, Eco friendly and money saving. Now with 30% MNRE subsidy Immediate Delivery and Installation absolutely free Buy the best V-Guard solar water heaters amongst its class.Specifications & Features:at actuals, to be bome by the customer.A site survey is recommended prior to purchase of a solar water heater.Guarantee:5-year GuaranteeThe product comes with a 5 year guarantee assuring V- Guard Solar Water Heater benefits is Huge savings on electricity and fuel, High quality components, International technology, Lifetime investment, Annual Savings, Concern for the planet through efficient use of technologyGenerates hot water without electricity or any other fuel.High quality vacuum tubes made from Borosilicate minimize heat loss.Negligible scaling of tube.High quality PUF insulation minimizes heat loss of water inside of the tank.Efficient performance in winter and partially cloudy days.ISI Electric back up heater.Advanced technology at competitive rate.Huge savings on electricity and fuel charges.Installation RequirementsSouth facing, shadow-free area, with the bottom of overhead tank at 7 feet above roof level. Hardness of cold water input should be less than 200 p.p.m. & chloride should be less than 100 p.p.m. Suitable unit to prevent scaling in hard water applications is recommended. Cost of usandable service.After Sales Service:We guarantee you efficient, speedy experience with the undisputed quality that we water heater manufacturers in Hyderabad, solar water heater price in Hyderabad, solar water heater suppliers, solar water heater parts supplier, solar water heater companies, solar water heater online purchase,fpc solar water heater, solar hot water panels,For more details please call  V-Guard Specialist : 9701531166, 90103000038

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