C We understand how important an asset inventory can be for your business and how Inventory management becomes more challenging as the number of items and the volume of the company rise. FWD Space Logistics takes over inventory management and control, giving both human and technical input. With our staff and technologies in place, you won’t have to worry about hiring trustworthy and competent employees. We make it possible for you to improve inventory management and control. We are meticulous and devoted to providing results while allowing you to focus on more critical parts of your business. Our Inventory Management uses quality data to keep a record of the items as they travel through the SCM process,Including numbers, serial numbers, cost of goods, and the number of products, as well as the dates stated. Our staff collaborates closely with our customers through tailored reports on inventories and timely transactions created by our web application based on daily analysis. This enables our clients to select appropriate corrective actions to control their process flow. Our professionals assist you in optimizing and managing all aspects of your inventory operations, including cycle stock, safety stock, pipeline, and pre-build inventory, to increase efficiency throughout the value chain.

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