Summer vacation is when teachers bid farewell to all the responsibilities that comes with keeping children entertained and busy. This responsibility, of keeping children physically engaged and mentally active, is then transferred to parents. While parents are usually busy with their own jobs, searching for summer vacation activities for kids adds up as another task they have to accomplish.

With little to no regular home work and long bright days, kids only desire to go out and make most of these holidays. However, not only is it difficult, but impossible in most parents’ cases, due to work and other commitments in the hometown. This minimises the options for kids’ activities during the vacation. Nonetheless, there are numerous DIY activities that you can arrange for your children in the hometown and even in the convenience of home itself.

Begin with the things that can be done in the house and nearby fun locations. Any kind of routine becomes boring overtime, so make a planned surprise for your children each day. Inform the kids about the day’s plan after their breakfast and step out for their adventure.

The various activities that can be done around the city include, discovering the historic buildings and educating about the relic architecture as a tour guide, exploring the tourist and fun spots for children around, trying out kids’ most desirable food places, and of course! Taking a day out for the major theme/ water parks in the city.

On the days when kids wake up from fatigue of the previous day out, experiment the different summer vacation indoor games for kids. These activities may vary with the kids’ age-group.

Kids aged 5 to 12 can indulge into the creative activities like, painting with marbles, toothbrushes, fingers, food and what not! Furthermore, they can try the various DIY crafts available online, according to what interests them. However, these activities cannot be a success without proper guidance and supervision of an elder.

The adolescents can spend a little time on video games and TV shows that are not only entertaining, but also educative. A creative person is never too old to experiment art. With that being said, even the teenagers can try the DIY home décor, fabric painting/ dyeing and the like. They can also use this time to develop new skills like graphic or fashion designing, acquire the basic knowledge on how to use the Microsoft office for daily tasks, learn about the software development steps involved in their favourite application or game, or anything that would intrigue and keep them engaged fruitfully.

When you are left to choose somewhere in between gong out on an adventure and choosing the comfort of home, try the local indoor play areas like, O’ Play Hyderabad, for younger kids. It keeps them busy productively, throughout the day.

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