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Date Posted: 16 Junio
Effiasoft's Just Billing Retail POS Software is the best and uniquely designed for the Retail sector. Our Software is most advanced yet very simple to use, this makes everyone to adopt the technology easily to their business. You just need to bill remaining tasks will be taken care by our Software like order taking, inventory management, customer loyalty, discounts & tax calculation, return filing etc

Features of Retail POS Software:

Easy Digital Billing
Pre Defined Business Template
Different modes of payment
Stock Management
Customer loyalty program
Accuracy of Reports
Track Operational Expenses
User-Friendly UI
Accounting & Return Filling
Barcode scanner & Printer Configuration
Increase Business Efficiency
Product Catageriston
Multi-Store Administration
Suppliers Managment

Retail POS Software works both offline & online

Fully functional Retail POS Just Billing for single store/single device is ABSOLUTELY FREE FOR 1 YEAR.


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just billing
just billing

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