Canada has a good economy and also a plan of attracting one million immigrants to contribute for its growth by 2021. This is an ideal time to seek Canada permanent residency. It offers 70 programs for the immigrants to choose. After meeting the program requirements falling in the Canada Express Entry, the chance to find a job in Canada during the present year is high. The clear reason for this is that the applications are processed quickly. The population in the country is shrinking and international residents can help in its stabilization.

Jobs are available
In Canada the unemployment rate is low at 5.8 %. Moreover there are 500,000 vacancies around the country. Additionally in many sectors Canadian citizens are not present to fill it up. Many provinces in Canada (Alberta, BC and Manitoba) manage a unique nominee program allowing a person to select a specific region to work. Additionally, every province has an entry program linked to the EE system. Working in specific provinces and growing skills while working there, can help in successful immigration. This also provides a fast-track method to seek permanent residency as it adds points to the PR application.
Growing demand for Skilled Workers
Canada has also adopted a policy to welcome skilled and specialized workers to seek immigration. During last year sales, engineering and IT fields had a great demand. There is work in specific categories, and many programs are suitable for immigrants. The Federal Skilled Worker program is based on points and tests work experience, language ability, education, age and also other features that immigrants bring to the workforce.
Young Professionals have a good future
There are programs for seasoned professionals and also for graduates. International graduates can benefit from programs in the Canadian Experience Class which is a part of the EE system. The requirement is one year of professional, technical or skilled work for a local company, after completion of studies at an educational institution of Canada.
Additional details
The Working Holiday Visa or International Experience Canada programs are the other options for youth to work in Canada. Additionally they are open for individuals in the age group between 18 and 35 years. People who cannot live in Canada for an indefinite period can apply to the working holiday, and seek a Canada Open Work-Permit easily through this program. It permits them to work anywhere for any local employer. There is another category for young professionals who have an employment contract with a local employer. Additionally, the third category caters to students for doing an internship in a local company relevant to the field of their study.
Many benefits exist if a person wishes to work in Canada. It takes care of the citizens and gives respect to the immigrants. There is all round care while living in Canada and immigrants get the treatment of future permanent residents. The country has a progressive attitude towards parental leave, skills training and public healthcare. Moreover, the expatriate communities have many perks. Canada had a 6th rank in 2018, in the index of the happy countries in the world.

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