Marley HVLS Automotive Industrial Ceiling fans are built to regulate the temperatures and provide uniform cooling. We are the top leading HVLS Automotive Big Ceiling fans manufacturers and suppliers in Hyderabad, India. The automotive industry is primarily built in large indoor spaces and these spaces have a lot of workers working with various machinery at different temperatures. In addition, there are fumes and heat being generated from the engines and also from other equipment like welding and painting. There is also a lot of energy consumption from the various equipment and not to mention the constant changes in temperatures with garage doors opening frequently. All this results in an uncomfortable temperature that results in poor working conditions and poor air ventilation and circulation. Reasons for choosing HVLS Ceiling fans for Automotive. HVLS fans when used in the automotive industry can help regulate the temperatures and provide uniform cooling while a traditional HVAC system would create cold and hot zones in the work area. HVLS fans when implemented can reduce the power consumption for maintaining the ambient temperature and help improve the working conditions. This results in a happier workforce and considerable savings for the company.

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