I’m Harsh Puranam, a senior graphic designer based in Hyderabad – India.

Designing isn’t just another job for me! It’s my love & soul, and that reflects at our workplace too. If you want to mix amazingness with quality and quantified output, you are at the right place!

Yes, I work with clients as if they are my next big Brand launch, I don’t back down on designs, I don’t compromise on quality, I don’t think anything more than making your brand NUMBER 1 in your industry. That’s how I design the BEST quality works from my doorstep. It’s not just me who claims these words, all our previous 800+ associations (clients, employers) have proudly appreciated my designs to fullest

I’m a civil engineer by degree, User Experience expert by passion, Graphic is my soul, Design is in my BLOOD group (haha! But that’s how passionate I think about myself as.)

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