Defination linux:

In terms of operating systems, Linux is open-source. This operating system (OS) is supported on a variety of computer systems and comes with a number of software features that organize computer resources and let you carry out activities.

The Unix operating system functions as a link between both the user and their computer and is robust and multitasking.

Advantages of Linux:

Similar to Windows and macOS, Linux is an open-source operating system. These days, it is utilized as a platform to operate PCs, servers, and embedded devices as well, thus it is not simply restricted to the operating system.
Given that it is open source and has a modular architecture, it offers a variety of distributions and customizations. A crucial component of the Linux system is the kernel. The Linux operating system is used to handle a number of services, including file system management, basic peripheral device management, process scheduling, and application scheduling. 
In comparison to other operating systems like Windows and macOS, Linux offers a number of benefits. Thus, it is utilized in virtually every industry, including those servers, cell phones, and household appliances (supercomputers).
We should examine some significant benefits of the Linux system in this part. In addition, we will examine Linux's benefits over competing operating systems and conclude why it is superior.

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