Blockchain technology training in hyderabad
Location: Hyderabad - Andhra Pradesh
Date Posted: 17 Noviembre
Greetings From Sanaari!!

We are Starting New Batch for Blockchain Technology Training. If you are willing to UpGrade Your Skills kindly Upgrade asap and be ready for new Blockchain Job Opportunities.

What is Blockchain?

A distributed ledger that maintains a continuously growing list of ordered records, called “blocks”which uses cryptographic validation to link themselves together

Decentralized Network and Immutable Ledger

“an invention as big as the internet” -Well known Technologists

Duration : 40hrs

Let us take you into the world of Blockchain with this extensive course designed specifically for people who want to become functional or technical Blockchain Consultants. This Blockchain certification course helps learn technical skills to manage overall Blockchain program and explore its options in new and innovative applications. 

This course helps you explore each topic through the lens of a real-world example application. With plenty of examples, tips and clear explanations , you’ll master many advanced concepts of the Blockchain.
 Is this course for you?

 Our course does not set any prerequisites for joining. So if you are an Programmers & Developers, Architects, Consultant, Advisor, University Professors, Engineering Management Student, Engineers or a Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts, this course is  perfect fit for you.
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