Best odi training centers in india
Location: Hyderabad - Andhra Pradesh
Date Posted: 08 Enero
Introduction: 2 Hrs
 Identifying the Course Content
 What is Oracle Data Integrator?
 Why Oracle Data Integrator?
 Overview of ODI 11g Architecture
 Overview of ODI 11g Components
 About Graphical Modules
 Types of ODI Agents
 Overview of Oracle Data Integrator Repositories
Installations & Configurations: 3Hrs
 Oracle 11G Database.
 ODI 11G
 Configurations
Administering ODI Repositories and Agents: 3 Hrs
 Administrating the ODI Repositories
 Creating Repository Storage Spaces
 Creating and Connecting to the Master Repository
 Creating and Connecting to the Work Repository
 Managing ODI Agents
 Creating a Physical Agent
 Launching a Listener, Scheduler and Web Agent
ODI Topology Concepts: 3 Hrs
 Overview of ODI Topology
 About Data Servers and Physical Schemas
 Defining the Physical Architecture
 Defining the Logical Architecture
 Mapping Logical and Physical Resources
 Defining Agents
 Defining a Topology
Describing the Physical and Logical Architecture: 2 Hrs
 Overview of Topology Navigator
 Creating Physical Architecture
 Creating a Data Server
 Testing a Data Server Connection
 Creating a Physical Schema
 Creating Logical Architecture
 Overview of Logical Architecture and Context Views
 Linking the Logical and Physical Architecture
Setting Up a New ODI Project: 2 Hrs
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