For people thinking of a career in the fashion industry or if you just want to show off your stylish and trendy side to the world, a perfect and up-to-date shooting location is what you need. The Shooting Spot has a team of committed professionals who will not let you settle for anything short of perfection in capturing your most fashionable self. Fashion photoshoots and photography involve capturing creativity and natural style. The Shooting Spot has a vast expanse of fresh greenery, which in itself inspires creativity and fills with positive energy. Trendy themes, a large number of inspiring backdrops and props make a fashion photoshoot intriguing and pop new ideas for expression of creativity and style.Located at Shameerpet and being accessible from almost anywhere in the twin cities, with 10 acres of space isolated from the rest of the world it allows you to be at your creative best to come up with a perfect fashion photoshoot. Facilities for changing and make-up, air-conditioned and non-air conditioned dressing rooms, assistants for help, ample parking space, lights and reflectors, free wi-fi make The Shooting Spot the perfect location for your fashion photography.Nights inspire creativity and new ideas for fashion photography. It could be a long drive with your loved ones, or a journey with your favourite vehicle, The Shooting Spot offers an unforgettable experience and is one of the best night photography places in Hyderabad. All the preparations and devising of the sets for night photography is made sure by The Shooting Spot to create a memorable and lasting fashion photography experience.

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